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Dollar May Get Crushed –

The $700 billion dollar bailout may end up crushing the dollar.  The dollar has already taken a pounding over the last year and can expect more decreases in the near future.  The bailout will have the effect of weakening the … Continue reading

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Commodity Investors Pull Funds –

Commodity investors pulled more than $39 million dollars out of the market since July.  This has helped to send oil into a free fall to almost $100 dollars a barrel.  Oil prices have caused investigators to watch the market more closely … Continue reading

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Gulf Natural Gas Still Down –

Nearly 90% of the natural gas production in the gulf of Mexico is still shut down.  One of the major natural gas connections has just been restored.  Earlier, the Sabine Pipeline LLC declared a force majuere and shut down the Henry … Continue reading

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Hurricane Ike: Category 4 –

Hurricane Ike has been listed as a category 4.  It has been less than 24 hours since Ike was a tropical storm.  Crude oil prices are already starting to rebound. To view a related article, please click here: James Sutliff

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Louisiana Highway Hit By Gustav –

Gustav made landfall on the Louisiana highway that is the main road for energy related traffic.  The highway is only two lanes and a mere two feet off the ground.  Oil installations may have survived Gustav but the fate of … Continue reading

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