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CFTC Probe Continues –

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission is looking at the manipulation of the cotton futures market.  This development came after priced surged for reasons that were not clearly apparent.  The CTFC is also looking at the crude oil market for … Continue reading

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Crude Heads South –

Crude oil has fallen more trhan $2 dollars today due to a belief that there is lower demand in America.  The United States is the largest consumer of crude oil and higher prices could be taking a toll on the … Continue reading

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Oil Takes A Break –

Oil took a break today and retreated from an all-time high.  For quite some time we have felt that investors have been driving the rise in oil prices and that argument is catching on with analysts.  In an article by … Continue reading

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Oil soars Again And Again –

Oil rallied again today breaking through the $134 dollar mark.  The rally was sparked by an inventory surprise that showed crude falling millions of barrels.  The market had expected a slight increase in supplies.  Much of this is still just … Continue reading

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Some Hedge Funds Have Trouble Ahead –

The increased number of defaults in Junk Bonds are causing a concern for some hedge funds.  The price of swaps has been soaring and that has a direct effect on some of the players involved. To view the article, please … Continue reading

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Private Equity Source –

Dow Jones has a new database tracking the private equity segment.  Private Equity Source is expected to assist private equity firms, hedge funds, investment bankers and all related service providers.  Almost 8,000 private equity backed companies over the last 3 … Continue reading

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Bush Heads To Saudi Arabia –

Pesident Bush is heading to Saudi Arabia and one of the main topics will be an increase in oil production by OPEC.  Saudi Arabia has the ability to increase OPECs production due to their percentage vote in OPEC.  Also, they … Continue reading

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Prediction: Crude Oil

Prediction: Oil prices will spike in the near term with continued global unrest and a greater focus on speculation. The speculation component in oil prices will have an effect on the volatility and not the underlying price.  Therefore, the price … Continue reading

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Crude Price Chart: 1861-2008

Forbes has a chart of crude oil prices from 1861-2008. To view the site, please click here: Jim Sutliff

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Oil In Record Territory –

Oil prices conitnue to move higher and into record territory.  The effect is being felt by the overrall stock market. To view a related article, please click here: Jim Sutliff

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Hedge Fund Fees –

It is reported that investors are looking to cut out the middelman when it comes to investing to hedge funds.  Funds of Funds will not like this news since they are the middleman.  Investors can look directly to the hedge … Continue reading

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