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Valero Cuts Refining –

Valero has cut refinery activity due to fog slowing their shipments of crude.  The plant processes 325,000 barrels a day and may have to halt production for a longer time period if shipment delays continue.  Crude oil has fallen to … Continue reading

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Dollar Falls –

The U.S. dollar fell to a 13 year low against the Yen and also slipped versus the Euro.  The Dollar is under pressure and the rate cuts will continue to weaken the currency.  Jim Rogers has recently stated that selling … Continue reading

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Rate Cut Expected –

The Fed is expected to cut rates by one half point today.  This action is being done to combat deflation in the overall economy. To view a related article, please click here: Jim Sutliff

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Alternative Investment –

For alternative investment information, check out a book by Larry Swedroe.  It’s a guide to alternative investments that describes advantages and disadvantages of investment vehicles. To view a related article, please click here: Jim Sutliff

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Lower Cost Fuels –

In recent surveys, analysts have predicted that oil and natural gas will no longer be the lowest cost fuels.  The prediction asserts that renewable energy is on the horizon. To view a related article, please click here: Jim Sutliff

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Oil Stays Above $40 –

Oil remained above $40 a barrel today but that might not last long.  Some analysts have predicted a decline for oil down to $25 a barrel.  Metals have also been propped up but some analysts think that is due to intervention by … Continue reading

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Hedge Funds Lower Fees –

Hedge funds are starting to face reality when it comes to charging fees.  Hedge funds are starting to lower fees and attempting to lock-in investors money for a longer time period. To view a related article, please click here: … Continue reading

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